by Alex Robbins

Swimming pools provide all kinds of benefits for kids. Not only are they a great source of exercise, but they also offer hours of entertainment and an excellent place to spend quality time with family. But pools can also be dangerous. It’s important that parents take steps to secure the pool against accidents and teach their kids how to be safe around water. With some good swimming skills and safety equipment, your family will be able to splash away all summer!

Upgrade Your Pool

Pools are hotspots for summer fun. So, make sure your pool and the surrounding area are in good condition to prevent accidents.

  • Is your pool showing signs of age? Start budgeting for a pool repair now!
  • If you need a new pool filter, switch to a DE (Diatomaceous Earth) filter for cleaner water.
  • Make your swimming pool deck less slippery with textured concrete or pavers.
  • Prevent sunburns by shading a portion of your pool and deck with a canopy or gazebo.
  • Since chlorine can irritate the skin and eyes, make sure you take steps to lower the chlorine levels when kids are swimming.
Build a Proper Fence

Ensure your pool is fenced off from the rest of your home so kids can’t fall in accidentally.

Teach Your Kids to Swim

Helping your kids develop strong swimming skills will keep them safer in the water.

  • Make sure your kids have the right gear before introducing them to swimming.
  • One of the first swimming skills your kids should learn is how to float in the water.
  • If your kids are interested, swimming-based activities can strengthen their skills.
  • Teach your kids safe swimming practices to prevent accidents in the water.

Don’t spend your summer worrying about the safety of your kids in your backyard pool. Your pool should be a place of fun and relaxation! Take the time to make safety upgrades to your outdoor oasis and teach your kids to be strong, safe swimmers, and you’ll be able to enjoy it too!