Pool Construction

Pool Construction

Things To Understand During The Process

The following is a simple list for our new pool customers to understand how our pool construction process works and what to expect. We will complete your project as soon as possible, but more importantly, we install your pool the best way we know how, so there are no issues in the future. In addition, no pool is perfect, but we still try to achieve that. Because we spent decades servicing pools, our ultimate goal is the longest lasting, most maintenance free pool we can design for you.

      Please Remember:

      • Pool construction takes as long as it takes to be done correctly – weather, humans, and many other factors are involved.
      • We know you want to swim as soon as possible, and we want to finish as soon as possible!
      • Once the pool is in and filled with water, it will get DIRTY or turn green – no worries. We will clean it!
      • We will communicate throughout the entire process. Feel free to text us, but don’t forget – construction takes as long as it takes to be done correctly!

      Pool Install Steps

      1. Excavation – we dig the hole to place the pool into
      2. Pool Base – for the pool not to shift and be as level as possible, we use compacted stone or a concrete base, depending on the pool
      3. Pool Delivery – your shell will be delivered on a truck
      4. Setting the Shell – shell is put onto the base in the hole
      5. Stone & Water – Stone and water is delivered to begin backfilling stone around the pool and water in it
      6. Electrical & Plumbing – we have our own electrical and plumbing to do for the pool and typically before excavation, an electrician and plumber will make the necessary connections to the house
      7. Electrical Inspection – the pool and handrail need to be properly bonded
      8. Pool Pad – a separate concrete slab is poured for the equipment to be placed on
      9. Concrete – Forms are placed, as well as any deck drains or jets. Then decking and coping is poured over top the very edge of the pool
      10. Equipment Delivery & Hookup – pool pump, filter, heater, and automation system
      11. Cleaning – the pool is cleaned of all the construction dust, dirt and rocks
      12. Final Connections & Setup – everything is connected to an app on your phone and we walk you through Caring for a Credible Pool