Extended Pool Warranty

Pool Warranty

We offer an inCredible Extended Pool Warranty Program on any new in-ground pool we install. Not only are all of our pools over-engineered and installed with the best equipment available, we also offer an extended “skimmer to skimmer” warranty option which covers ANY equipment* failure parts and labor to fix it for a FULL 5 Years from the date of installation! No other pool company has the confidence in their installation and equipment to offer that. Plus, you will have priority appointment service for all service calls!

Fine Print: Credible Pools extended pool warranty is valid only if a Maintenance Plan is purchased each season or with a pH and ORP monitoring system. Credible Pools must be utilized to open and close the pool each season. Absolutely no chemistry, chemicals, or damage due to improper water balance is covered as part of this warranty. All equipment installed needs to be registered with the manufacturer(s) and manufacturer warranties range from 1 to 3 years. Credible Pools will cover the repair or replacement of any equipment* failure, including any parts and labor, for a period of 5 full years from the date of pool installation (*excludes robotic cleaners).