Salt System Basics

Pentair Intellichlor

So we installed a salt system and the technicians left. Now What?

Congratulations you chose the easiest method to sanitize your pool. All you need to do is:
      1. Achieve the proper level of salt
      2. Adjust chlorine output

Proper Salt Level

Our technicians put in the initial amount of salt we estimated you would need and left extra bags. Check your equipment AFTER 24 hours and see if the level is good.

You may need to add more salt. We recommend adding 1 bag if needed, wait 24 hours, and see how many PPM that single 40lb bag increased your pools salt level. Write that number with a Sharpie on your equipment somewhere so you know how many bags you will need in the future.
EXAMPLE 1 Salt Bag = 500ppm **Your pool may be different

      What system do you have?

      Salt levels are indicated on your equipment. We install Hayward and Pentair. Proper Salt Level should read 2800-3400 ppm. The salt level can also be tested with strips (or with a professional meter or bring a sample to our store) to make sure the system is accurate. ALWAYS ESTIMATE LOWER when adding salt and WAIT 24 hours for it to fully dissolve. The hardest part is figuring out how much one bag will increase your pools level.

      If your salt is too high, you can damage equipment and the only way to bring it down is to drain water and replace it with fresh water to dilute!

      Hayward Aquarite Salt System

      Pentair Intellichlor

      Adjusting Output

      A Salt Water Pool is still a chlorine pool, but the chlorine is generated from Pool Salt in the water. Our technicians most likely left your generator at 50% output. You will need to test chlorine levels and adjust up or down as necessary.

      It’s still Chlorine!

      You will need to adjust the output of the generator and test the water a few times to get the correct level of chlorine output for your pool. You can test for chlorine with simple strips or bring a water sample to our store.

      Hayward Aquarite Salt System

      Pentair Intellichlor System

      How to Add Salt

      If you have a DE filter we recommend TURNING OFF YOUR GENERATOR and putting the system on RECIRCULATE and adding it into the skimmer basket for quick dispersal throughout the pool.

      Otherwise, you can add salt around the perimeter of the pool. Let it dissolve for at least 24 hours and circulate through the main drain if you have one. Use a pool brush to disperse any that accumulates in the pool.


      Cleaning the cell

      Cell cleaning frequency will be dependent on several factors, especially pH and Calcium Hardness. Calcium buildup (or scale,) is the most common in a salt chlorinated pool. Typically, you will JUST RESET any ‘Inspect Cell’ notification (HOLD the diagnostics button on Hayward Aquarite). Because our equipment is oversized, build up will be very minimal. If you do need it cleaned, we recommend a service call.


      • Silky Smooth Soft Water
      • No Harsh Chlorine to Deal With
      • Adjustable Chlorine Output