New Inground Pool Installations

Credible Pools Year Round Pool


We Do Not Compromise Quality for Price

A new inground pool is an investment in your home. Credible Pool packages include a fiberglass pool and modern pool equipment, tested by over 25 years of experience. We don’t install quickly, we install correctly. We don’t install the cheapest, we install the best. Equipment is chosen by what works best, lasts the longest, and is the simplest to maintain. We include modern automation so you have control of your pool from your smartphone! Meticulous with our installs, we devote all our energy to each project until its completion.

Our inground pool packages include everything you should ever need for your pool, making it as easy as possible to maintain:

We include things like a robotic pool cleaner and a safety cover, so there is no additional pool stuff to buy upfront. Equipment is also over-sized to be more efficient, over-perform and last longer. We make it easy and teach you best practices. All you need to decide on is the pool shape, concrete, and landscaping. You can view the models we have available. We even have a Year Round Pool Option!

Because we first specialized in pool service, our pools are designed for maximum enjoyment with minimal upkeep and very little maintenance. A Credible Pool is not designed to keep you coming back to a pool store for chemicals, products or cartridges. In fact, we are so confident, we even have a 5 year ‘Skimmer to Skimmer’ extended warranty that no other company offers. Most importantly, we plan each pool installation to last the longest and perform the best. With that in mind, nothing lasts forever and we also plumb and plan for the eventual need to replace products easily, as well as winterize and open with ease.

What are the next steps?

  1. Schedule a free phone consultation to answer any questions or just message us!
  2. We do a 3D rendered design of your backyard with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data. With some photos we can show you any inground pool shape you want to see fit in your yard virtually!
  3. We provide a full cost breakdown estimate
  4. 1/3 deposit puts you on the pool install list
  5. 1/3 upon breaking ground
  6. 1/3 upon completion
  7. Time to swim!

InGround Pool Consultation


Question after question arises when you decide you want to dig a hole in the backyard and fill it with water. It seems like a simple idea, but these questions, and many more, need to be asked. A good decision and good advice NOW can save you a lot of money LATER!

We offer a free initial phone consultation. We are dedicated to helping you choose a pool that will be the best for your family and your yard, whether we install it or not. Our virtual pool design service can help with function and design choices, and recommendations are made with over 25 years of commercial and residential pool experience. Even if we do not install your pool, consulting with us for a small fee can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Technology is also changing rapidly and adapting in the pool business, but that does not mean installers are. We are on top of trends, but also know what works best. Credible Pools makes the best use of every dollar you spend on your pool.