The Attendant Pool Automation

The Attendant Pool Automation

At Credible Pools we are always excited about new technology and pool automation that makes pool ownership easier and more fun! The Attendant by Poolside Tech is an example of utilizing and developing smart home technology to really make owning an inground pool better in every way (instead of a manufacturer just trying to keep up with trends). The capabilities of this system and it’s ease of use and installation are the best we have seen.

The Attendant mobile app was designed with ease at its core. Providing a feature first view of the pool and spa system to make it much easier for end users to understand what they are turning on or off. This is a dramatic departure from how legacy pool automation manufacturers built mobile interfaces to date. The Attendant user interface is simple enough to allow anyone to use it. Your guests, your parents, even your teens. No matter who uses the system, The Attendant prevents any dangerous conditions that could damage your equipment or drain your spa. If you’ve ever made rookie mistakes with your pool, this prevention is priceless.

      The Attendant pool automation is designed to improve all aspects of the pool ownership experience. This cloud based automation system is continually monitoring your equipment, water quality and temperature to determine the most energy efficient way to have your poolside oasis ready when you are.

      Giving you back time, removing the worry of day-to-day pool preservation and communicating with you along the way are the fundamental differences that stand out from the competition. All the while saving money and lowering your overall environmental impact.

      Key Features:

      • Onboard touchscreen for local control
      • Mobile app (iOS and Android) for full experience
      • Vendor Agnostic Device Control
      • Built in WIFI Connectivity
      • Remote Equipment Diagnostics
      • Built in Energy Savings
      • Built in Smart Temperature Controls
      • Built in Airbnb mode
      • Built in Water Leveling & Autofill Support
      • Built in Chemical Monitoring Module (Add-on)
      • Built in Dirty Filter Detection
      • Home Assistant Integration
      • Spotify Integration
      • Onboard PIN code for local device safety
      • Lockable enclosure
      • Expandable for larger system installation

      Automatic Water Leveling & Chemistry:

      We can also install built-in water leveling and autofill support, which ensures that your pool always has the correct water level. In addition, The Attendant also has a built-in chemical monitoring module, which helps you keep your pool clean and healthy. With its dirty filter detection, you’ll never have to worry about a dirty filter again. It is also vendor agnostic, which means it works with any pool equipment brand. This gives you, as well as the installer, the flexibility to choose the equipment that works best for your pool, without sacrificing control and convenience.

      At Credible Pools, we are committed to providing our customers with the best pool experience possible. That’s why we recommend and install the Attendant for our customers. With its range of features, you can be sure that your pool is always clean, healthy, and safe. Contact us today to learn more about The Attendant and how it can enhance your pool experience.