Pool Leak Detection

Leak Trac

    Whether you have a leak in your plumbing, vinyl liner, fiberglass crack, steps or just about any other problem, Credible Pools will find your leak. Our pool leak detection services can track leaks in vinyl liners, fiberglass, or concrete pools. We also scuba dive and dye test for problems and repairs on drains & steps as well. If you have a problem, we can and will find it and get a solution!

    Using the newest pool leak detection technology like the LeakTrac, we will find out where the water is going. If you have a leak in your plumbing, we can also pressure test the system to pinpoint exactly where the leak may be. Keep in mind that many pool companies tee their plumbing underground (even on new pools – which we NEVER DO!), so it is important to understand that sometimes we can only diagnose a leak to wherever the tee may occur. If a return or suction line cannot be isolated because of how the system is plumbed, often there is no option other than to dig up multiple lines and it can get costly.