Pool Real Estate Inspection

Pool Real Estate Inspection

    If you’re looking to buy or sell a house with an in-ground pool, Credible Pools offers a pool real estate inspection service.  Knowing the condition of the pool & equipment and the possible future costs of repair protects buyers and sellers when a home with a pool is sold.

    Protecting Buyers

    After a home inspection, a buyer’s home inspector provides a list of areas of concern which is then used in negotiations between buyer and seller. A pool should go through the same process. Along with an in-depth inspection, we write up a full, detailed real estate report. If the pool isn’t in good shape and needs any type of replacements or repairs, having this information from a trusted source can help you negotiate a lower price on your future home.

    Most home inspectors do not include pools on their inspection checklist. At the most, a typical home inspector will make sure things turn on, but typically defer any responsibility or details of the condition of the pool and equipment because they have very little experience. There are many additional features that a pool could have that should be assessed including tanning ledges, automation, lights & water features. Much of the pool system is also underground and may need pressure tested or evaluated for leaks unseen.

    Credible Pools will stand behind our inspection and certify a system to be up to standards, operational, and structurally sound. You can save thousands of dollars knowing their should not be any expensive repairs needed in the near future and that the pool will not become a money pit. A really bad in-ground pool can cost over $20,000 to repair or may even need replaced entirely! Even filling in a pool properly that cannot be salvaged can cost thousands in labor.

        Credible Service

        Helping Sellers

        Having your pool inspected and a detailed report will put potential buyers at ease knowing your were proactive in making sure your pool is properly running and maintained. Command a higher price for your home and certify that your in-ground pool is ready to swim in and not in need of repairs. In addition, potential buyers can be at ease that if there is a problem, Credible Pools is there to help them to make their new home’s pool ownership as easy as possible.