Pool Real Estate Inspection

If you’re looking to purchase a house with a pool, Credible Pools offers a pool inspection service for potential home buyers.  You’ll want to know all you can about the pool and the condition of its structure and equipment systems.  We’re here to help you take all of the right steps to protect your investment.

Just as a house undergoes a professional inspection, it’s important to arrange for an expert evaluation of a swimming pool and everything that comes with it.  Even if the home inspector includes the pool in their inspection checklist, it can’t be guaranteed that the information is reliable.  Some basic wear and tear is easy to spot, but we know how to look well beyond the surface issues.  We are fully capable of identifying and assessing the need and potential costs of repairs and replacements.

Due to the complexity of an in-ground pool’s structure and specialized mechanics, it’s highly recommended that you hire a trained pool inspector like us.  We will closely observe all of the equipment at work to make sure they are operating properly.  We know all the ins and outs of the pumps, filters, heaters, plus any specialty accessories.  There are so many additional features that a pool could have that would also need a very close look.  These could be tanning ledges, automation, lights, water features and so much more.  Furthermore, there is infrastructure that needs to be properly inspected like the plumbing and electrical lines that run underground.

An inspection will also ensure that the pool is in line with all local safety regulations.  We are well-versed and stay up-to-date on these regulations, and we will know exactly what your pool needs to fall in line with all of them.

After a home inspection, a buyer’s home inspector provides a list of areas of concern which is then used in negotiations between buyer and seller.  A pool should go through the same process.  Along with an in-depth inspection, we type up a full, detailed real estate report. If the pool isn’t in good shape and needs any type of replacements or repairs, having this information from a trusted source can help you negotiate a lower price on your future home. 

We aren’t aware of any other pool company in the area that offers this type of service. It’s just another way that Credible Pools goes above and beyond for you. 

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