Neighborhood Discount

Credible Pools Year Round Pool

    What is the Neighborhood Discount?

    The Neighborhood Discount is a simple way for us to save you and your neighbors extra money on openings and closings by booking your pools together, on the same day.

    How does it work?

    The Neighborhood Discount is very simple. When you book your pool opening or closing and add a neighbor’s pool ON THE SAME DAY, you EACH save $10. Add another pool, everyone saves ANOTHER $10 each, up to $50! So if 5 neighbors book 5 pools on the same day, everyone saves $50 EACH.

    You can BOOK ONLINE for yourself and choose the ‘Me & My Neighbor(s) Option’, and just put your neighbors information in the Appointment Notes. You can also have your neighbors book as well on the same day if there are still appointments times available. If we are booked up, text us at 412-254-4344 or email us at imagine@crediblepools.com and we will see if we can get you all booked together! We will be in touch once we get your information.

    The Fine Print

    In order for yourself and your neighbors to qualify for the Neighborhood Discount, everyone must book their pool opening or closing on the SAME service day.  There is a maximum discount of $50 per opening or closing per address. Address(es) must be within 1 mile of each other. The final price paid by each neighbor depends on the type of cover, amount of debris, and other factors for each pool. The Neighborhood Discount can also be used season after season on both openings and closings as long as all of the regular requirements are met each time. Neighborhoods vary vastly within our service area and, although most of what’s generally considered a neighborhood or close vicinity groups of homes will qualify, it is at the complete discretion of Credible Pools to determine eligibility for the neighborhood discount.  The Neighborhood Discount cannot be combined with any other programs, offers, coupons, vouchers, discounts, or sales.