Inground Pool Safety Covers

pool safety covers

Credible Pools installs only the best ProMesh pool safety covers from GLI Pool Products. In our over 25 years of experience, we like these winter covers because they last the longest and are basically maintenance free with an industry best 15 year warranty.

There are a few different types of winter pool cover options. Instead of the solid covers that most pool companies sell, these are fabric mesh, which is nearly 50% lighter than solid covers. This makes installation, removal and storage much easier. In storage, mesh also does not mold like solid covers tend to do. The state-of-the-art cover material provides solid coverage benefits without any added weight. ProMesh pool safety covers come standard with stronger-than-commercial grade springs on all custom covers. This provides tighter, stronger security for your pool. ProMesh covers consist of a tight mesh material that allows water to drain from the surface, easily filtering out dirt, leaves and debris. There is no need for a pump that will inevitably freeze in winter. Just like our pool liners, we are free-form experts in installing covers.