Nowak Fiberglass Pools

Nowak Fiberglass Pools

Nowak Fiberglass Pools is a small family owned business that has been in the fiberglass repair business for over 20 years. They manufacture all their fiberglass pools at their facility located in Southwestern Pennsylvania and are proud to employ American workers. They are also the only fiberglass manufacturer in the state of Pennsylvania, and are frequently asked to repair defects and problems of the big production fiberglass pool manufacturers. Their moto is “We can build a better pool.” When you choose Nowak to build your pool, they take their time and do it right. Nowak uses only the best quality materials on the market which will provide you with a product that will last you a lifetime.

Heavenly Blue Mist

Heavenly Blue Polyflake Finish

Maya Blue Polyflake Finish

Maya Blue on a Subdivision

Grey Ocean Mist Finish on a Jupiter Model