Inground Pool Remodeling & Renovation

New Pool Liner Installation

    Remodeling a damaged pool or renovating an older pool to bring it back to life can be a big task. Sometimes, it can be more difficult than installing a completely new pool. When it’s done properly, pool remodeling can leave you with a pool that performs better, looks better, and adds value to your property. Any pool installed poorly, or without the proper equipment, can turn into a big headache and a money pit. We believe in doing it right the first time, but if that wasn’t done when your pool was installed, we can help! Whether you need a new liner, safety cover, or just want to add features to make your pool look better, few companies have the experience to transform an old pool that we do.

        Add Technology & Efficiency

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        One of the most important pool upgrade is to enhance energy efficiency and make pool ownership easier. A pool pad renovation or remodel can deliver savings year after year and can also make your pool much easier to care for. A new heater, variable speed pump, automation, or a better DE filter will make caring for your pool a breeze. Salt water chlorinators are also a great upgrade to give you less chemicals to worry about.

        Add New Features

        When committing to an inground pool renovation or remodel, many homeowners will opt for new features like waterfalls, water jets, and water slides. When done professionally, these water features can dramatically enrich your whole swimming pool experience.

        Rock Waterfalls
        Whether you choose a natural-stone waterfall (or a natural-looking artificial stone), waterfall features are the ideal complement to any pool environment. When it comes to a creative inground pool renovation or remodel, waterfalls can be transformational.


        Deck Jets & Laminars

        Swimming pool fountain bubblers are designed to create “mini-geysers” where installed. These are particularly fun for the younger kids and look cool in any pool environment. Deck jets and laminars are relatively inexpensive and primarily designed as an aesthetic upgrade.

        Pool Waterslide
        A swimming pool waterslide will add a whole new dimension to any pool. When professionally installed and properly integrated, a waterslide will provide endless hours of fun and games for everyone!

        Add a New Pool Deck

        Pool “decking” is essential to every swimming pool landscape. The beauty is that you can choose the finished look – from sleek and modern, to green and natural. You can choose flagstone, pavers, or textured – all to match your taste and landscape.

        Poured concrete is a popular option because it’s affordable and flexible. Concrete can be finished many different ways – colored, stamped, and even stone finish.

        Pavers are used in various configurations to create interesting patterns. This type of stone endures pool water very well, and offers a non-slip surface that is long lasting.

        Add a New Liner or Cover

        We are specialists in new inground pool vinyl liners and safety covers!

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