Inground Pool Liners

New Pool Liner Installation

In addition to New Liners and Safety Covers, we also do Leak Detection and Inground Pool Remodeling & Renovation

When you get a new pool liner installed in your in-ground pool, you will probably have some questions. A new pool liner will immediately make an older pool look new, plus it is an opportunity to change the color. It can even feel like a brand new pool, even though it is just new vinyl. Our pool liner manufacturer is Kayden and you can check out their colors and options here.

Steps – All Inground Liners are Custom Made
      1. Open The Pool with CLEAR Water
      2. Measure
      3. Order with the Manufacturer
      4. Receive the Liner & Schedule Install

    New Liners start at $4800 for a typical rectangle. Basic Freeform & Kidney liners start at $5300. Prices do not include water or chemicals. Water is typically $400 per load. Vinyl steps, benches, non-rectangle corners, unique shapes & certain liner choices can increase the price, but we can get you a quote with some photos and basic information through text message! Simply Become a Customer and text us photos.

    Every pool liner is custom made and needs to be precisely measured. You can schedule a measurement by booking an appointment. Or just pay for a measurement and we will get in touch to schedule. The price of the measurement will be taken off the final price if you purchase it from Credible Pools. The same goes for pool safety covers. We are free-form liner specialists, and free-forms are the hardest to measure for both liners and pool covers. Free-forms are also more expensive than a typical square or rectangle shape.

    Once your pool is measured and the liner is ordered, the process to manufacture it is usually less than a week. Installation will be scheduled we receive your liner. The pool is drained with a pump and the old vinyl is cut out. At this point, there may be additional problems discovered and more work that needs done to repair walls and the bottom of the pool. After that, our liner experts will hang it, then vacuum it and begin filling the pool with water from a truck to set it in place.


    We do the absolute best job we can measuring and installing, and we rarely get wrinkles. They can occur though, but often we are at the mercy of how the pool was installed originally. It is also not uncommon, as the new pool vinyl sets and conforms in the first season, for it to occasionally pop out of the track along the top of the pool, which may also be affected by the existing bead receiver. The age and condition of the pool, plus shifting and settling that happens over the years, can also cause things to not be ‘perfect’ and perfection simply cannot be guaranteed with a new liner.