Fiberglass Pools vs Vinyl Liners

Credible Pools Year Round Pool

What’s the Difference?

    When you choose a liner pool, you are in for a lifetime of liner replacements, higher energy bills and chemical usage. With a liner pool, you are essentially swimming in a bag in the ground. Most pool builders began doing liner pools, but are now offering fiberglass. Large fiberglass pool manufacturers cannot keep up with the demand and there is a reason. Pool builders that have not switched to fiberglass pools will try and tell their customers that fiberglass pools are not suitable for our area, but this is simply not true. The only advantage of a liner pool is that it can be designed in any shape or size. Overall cost benefits are made up over time not having to replace liners. We have replaced hundreds of liners and the price goes up every year. You can view our current fiberglass models.

    Credible Pools inground pool installations include everything you need for the most maintenance free pool that you can put in your backyard. A Credible Pool is not designed to keep you coming back to a pool store for chemicals and products. Most importantly, we plan each pool installation to last the longest and perform the best. With that in mind, nothing lasts forever and we also plumb and plan for the eventual need to replace products easily, as well as winterize and open with ease.