Why Didn’t We Show Up?

We can be worse than the cable company!

We aren’t proud of it and we know – you had an expectation and we didn’t deliver.
First, we are sorry.
Second, we really want to exceed your expectations and get you swimming ASAP!
Third, the only guarantee we can make is that we will communicate and do the best we can.
Fourth, add COVID delays and material shortages to all of the above for 2020 and 2021!

Sometimes we take it for granted that customers will understand our business. We put this page together so we could save some time explaining when a customer does not understand why we could not be exactly on time for an appointment or installation, or needed to move it to another day.

Our business and providing great pool service to our customers is largely weather dependent. Also, your appointment and installation is dependent on what came before it – even the day before. Very, very often, changes need to be made on a daily basis. To offer the best service to ALL our customers, we will communicate changes as soon as we can. Please understand installation dates, appointment times, and appointment days are not guaranteed, but we guarantee we will communicate. You do not need to be home, as long as we have access to your pool, yard, and equipment. You can relax. We got this!

Thank you for your business and we look forward to providing you with an inCredible Pool!