Why Can’t You Give Me a Date?

We don’t like to make things up!

We don’t like to BS anyone and an exact date for when we will be installing or working on your project is impossible more than a few days out. Our work is weather dependent and each job typically has challenges that we are unaware of until we are involved in the job. Doing things RIGHT means it takes as long as it takes.

If you call us and continually ask when we will be doing your pool installation, renovation, or repair, it takes up our time. That time ultimately is taken away from the job that is AHEAD of you and therefore is further delaying YOUR job.

We keep our schedule online and as up to date as possible so you can see where we are and when we should be getting to you. Our business and providing great pool service to ALL our customers means we have to be as efficient as possible, especially with the labor & material shortages everyone is experiencing. TEXT us anytime if your question cannot be answered from our online schedule. Often times the answer to “When Will You Get To Me?” unfortunately is “We Don’t Know”. We can only promise to communicate when we do!

Thank you for your business and we look forward to providing you with an inCredible Pool!