Installation Policy

Why Buy From Us?

  • Better Warranty
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Upfront Labor Costs
  • Guaranteed Performance

We carry an expert line of pumps, filters, and equipment not available ‘online.’ They are competitively priced, include basic delivery & hookup*, and typically carry a 3-year parts & labor warranty** when sold and installed by us. Please be aware that products sold elsewhere online only carry a 1-year parts-only warranty.
*existing connections may not include additional plumbing or electrical work that may be needed
** excludes select robotic cleaners

Buy Elsewhere

We want your pool to be the best it can be, no matter who installed your pool or where you got your equipment. Even if you purchase a new pool product on Amazon or from another company, we will happily install it and service it. We completely want you to get the best deal possible.

That being said, pool products not purchased from Credible Pools can take longer to install, adding to higher labor costs and end up costing MORE overall. Also, because we did not sell it, we can’t be responsible for the warranty or for making sure what was purchased is correct and has all the correct parts needed for the installation. We need to bill for any return service calls if everything is not correct when we show up for any installation of parts not purchased from us.

We also will happily compare any competitors quote for any similar product we sell and install.